The general objectives of the study program:
• Increasing the role of economists specialized in managing economic activity, trade, tourism and services, which derives from the need to meet the requirements of the domestic and international market;
• Attracting more intense staff with higher economic education in small and medium companies with local capital;
• Communication in an international language;
• Development of scientific research activity in order to increase visibility both nationally and internationally.
• Promoting quality and efficiency in the education process;
• Adapting the educational offer to the requirements of the society in which we live and to the current structural evolution of the Romanian and European business environment;

The specific objectives of the study program:
• the development of the educational system in order to be continuously compatible with the one practiced in the European Union, so that the graduates are recognized as European specialists;
• meeting customer requirements by using a high-performance educational process, based on new information and communication technologies;
• developing the skills to communicate in an international language;
• attracting students in the scientific research activity by getting involved in national and international scientific projects;
• training of specialists with higher education for the economic field specialized in business management and administration;
• training of specialists in the field of entrepreneurship;
• training of scientific research skills, by attracting students and master students in mixed research groups (teachers – students).

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