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The Department for Studies in Foreign Languages (DSLS) is a structure of the Valahia University in Târgovişte (UVT) with the fundamental mission to contribute to achieving the internationalization objectives of the university through activities and proposals towards the internationalization of study programs (formal and non-formal), partnerships and cooperation between UVT, international academic organizations, European and international bodies, NGOs and business entities, in order to plan and implement internationally integrated programs. Thus, the operational plan is designed to achieve the strategic internationalization objectives of the university.


DSLS aims mainly to contribute to the European and international integration of the university though the development of sustainable international cooperation policies and to contribute to the strategy of cultivating and developing medium and long-term partnerships with international higher education and research institutions, European and international bodies, NGOs, and business organizations. DSLS also aims to contribute to the realization of national and international formal and non-formal education programs, in order to achieve the internalization objectives of the university.


Reviewing the planning of objectives and the quality management process, at DSLS level; Increasing the institutional capacity for internationalization of the curriculum by diversifying and consolidating the foreign language study offer of UVT; Increasing the accessibility in foreign language and the visibility, in the web environment, of the UVT offer of foreign language studies - in order to consolidate the existing offer of foreign language studies within UVT; Improving the mechanisms for communicating / disseminating information on the offer of foreign language studies in relation to the guidance needs and expectations of potential foreign candidates / students - in order to attract foreign students for full studies and adapt curricula to the needs / expectations of potential foreign candidates / students, interested in the university's foreign language studies offer; Development of partnerships that favor the increase of the quality and the international visibility of the educational offer in the foreign language.

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Organization - Study programs in a foreign language.

Enterprise management in French Language

Mission The mission of the master’s program Enterprise Management (GESTION DE L’ENTREPRISE) is to ensure the skills, analytical tools needed, prospects and experience of future graduates for a career in accounting, management, analysis-diagnosis and evaluation, Read more…

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