The Research Center in the field of Electric Vehicles (eMotion) is an essential component of a joint initiative of the University “Wallachia” in Targoviste and the City Hall of Targoviste in terms of strategic field of sustainable development, with subdomains of real relevance and relevance, such as those of electric vehicles and distributed energy production. In this context, the eMotion Center was established, in partnership and with financial support from the Municipality of Târgoviște.

In the field of electrical systems engineering, that of electric vehicles is the major point of interest, with increasingly diverse initiatives and applications worldwide. “Valahia” University of Târgoviște makes a combined effort in this strategic field of interest, by establishing, in parallel, the Research Center in the field of Electric Vehicles (eMotion) and the master’s degree program with the main objective in integrated electrical systems engineering. in vehicles.

The master’s program is called Integrated Electrical Systems Engineering in Vehicles, with teaching in English, and is presented in the Study in English section.

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