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 The most important thing that schools can do is to make people aware that understanding the world is very much part of the requirement of being an educated person. There should be some shame attached to not being more aware of the world, not having some mastery of foreign language.

Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek

Useful information

Health Services and Medical Insurance
All University students are required to have health insurance for the entire period of their stay in Romania. Due to the fact that international health insurance is not always recognized in Romania, we advise you to get travel insurance from your country of origin, and once you arrive in Romania, to apply for a Romanian health insurance policy (either public or private), according to the Romanian law.

Romania’s offificial currency is LEU (RON), plural LEI (RON); 1LEU is 100 BANI.
You can use your foreign debit card at any ATM and you will be issued the equivalent in Lei of the amount you wish to withdraw in US dollars or Euro. Romanian ATMs only accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.
Credit cards are widely accepted but you should also have cash available when you go shopping (especially at the food stores and open markets).
Depending on your needs, there are possibilities for money transfer: postal money order, bank transfer or special transfer (such as Western Union and Money Gram).

Non-residents have the right to acquire, hold and use financial assets denominated in foreign currency or in the national currency of Romania – Lei.
To open a bank account you need a passport or an identity card, and if available, a temporary resident permit.
Some of the commercial banks present in Targoviste are: BCR, Banca Transilvania, CEC, BRD Groupe Société Générale, Raiffeisen Bank, etc.

Post office
The Romanian Post, Poota Româna, is the national operator in mailing services, it also provides currency exchange, consultancy and transportation services, national and international payments.
For further information you can access the website:

Cell phones are widely spread in Romania. Almost the whole country is covered by telephone networks. You can use your home SIM card but be aware of roaming fees when you make a phone call to your home country.
You should unlock your mobile phone before leaving your home country, so that you can use a Romanian SIM card. Vodafone, Orange and Cosmote are three major mobile companies, among others. You can consult their websites or pay a visit to their store to get information about subscriptions, especially if you stay for several months!
To call a Romanian number from a foreign one, you have to add +40.

How to reach us
By plane: International airport Henri Coanda, Bucharest
By train: From Bucharest you can come by train.
The trains’ timetable can be found at
By bus: From Bucharest, Baneasa Railway station, there are buses to Targoviste every 30 minutes.
The ticket is almost 4 euros (in lei).

Romanian National Holidays:
January, 1, 2; August, 15 (Assumption);
May, 1 (Labour Day); November, 30 (Saint Andrew’s Day – Patron of Romania);
Easter Days December, 1 (National Day);
June, 23, 24 (Whitsun Days); December 25, 26 (Christmas Days).

How to entry in Romania
The long-stay visa shall only be granted with the approval of the Ministry of International Affairs - the Romanian Inspectorate for Immigration.
Foreign citizens having entered the territory of Romania with a long-stay visa can apply for the extension of the right of temporary residence and obtain a residence permit. The request filed in this respect must be addressed to the Romanian Inspectorate for Immigration within the Romanian Ministry of International Affairs.
All foreign citizens requiring a Romanian visa shall attach to the duly filled-in and signed application form a valid travel document, acknowledged by the State of Romania, to which the visa sticker may be applied, as well as all the documents required under the law to attest the stated purpose of the trip, the duration of the stay, financial means for the stay, as well as the possibility for the foreigners to return to their home country or continue the trip to a third state, upon the end of their stay in Romania.
As to the States or territorial authorities that are not acknowledged by Romania, visas shall be granted upon request, on standard forms, regulated by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 94/2008 on establishing measures regarding the issue of electronic passports and of other travel documents.

Long-stay visa for studies (marked D/SD), in accordance with Art. 45 of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 194/2002 modified:
(1) The long-stay visa for studies is granted, upon request, to third-country nationals who wish to enter the territory of Romania as students, or to third-country nationals who partake in pupil-exchange programs.
(2) Third-country nationals accepted for studies by a state or private education institution accredited or temporarily authorized according to the law, including for participation in doctoral studies, are considered as
(3) The visa application must be accompanied by the following documents:
- proof of acceptance for studies from Valahia University of Targoviste, stating that the third-country national will undeniably attend a full-time degree programme;
- proof of payment of the tuition fee for at least one year of studies (9 months in advance);
- proof of the financial means in amount of at least the country minimum net wage/month, for the entire period specified in the visa;
- a criminal record certificate or another document that bears the same legal value.
Within three business days from arriving in Romania, all foreign citizens must be present and give a written statement at the Targoviste Inspectorate for Immigration, announcing their arrival and estimated period of stay in Romania. A representative of the Office for International Relations will assist foreign students in obtaining the Residence Permit.
Note: More information on the site of Ministry of International Affairs:

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January 27, 2015

The Department for Studies in Foreign Languages has opened the pre-enrollment platform at .

Any potential candidate interested in our programmes and courses in foreign languages can apply for pre-enrollment on this platform in order to benefit from answers, personalized advices, and professional guidance from staff and professors in the field chosen for pre-enrollment. Therefore, if you are a graduate or you are going to graduate this year and you are interested in finding out if the educational experience we can offer answers your expectations you can save time and energy to reach the right answers by registering on the platform. We are here for you!


The Departament for Studies in Foreign Languages of Valahia University of Targoviste has been set up in 2012 with the aim of managing the study programmes in foreign languages and founding new ones aimed at answering the interest of our prospective students and the needs of the society in Romania and in Europe.The study programmes in foreign languages help our students affiming their career aspirations and the skills and competences they acquire boost their chances to successfully compete for jobs on the European common market Learn more...