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Wise Words

 The most important thing that schools can do is to make people aware that understanding the world is very much part of the requirement of being an educated person. There should be some shame attached to not being more aware of the world, not having some mastery of foreign language.

Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek

Staff Profiles

A. Scandinavian, Finnic and Baltic languages, level A1

Crina Leon, Norwegian language

Course syllabus: Norwegian Language.pdf

Lucia Alexandroae, Danish language

Course syllabus: Danish Language.pdf

Roxana-Andreea Dragu, Swedish language

Course syllabus: Swedish language.pdf

Adél Furu, Finnish language

Course syllabus: Finnish language.pdf

Mihaela Moagher, Estonian language

Course syllabus: Estonian language.pdf

Indra Lapinska, Latvian language

Course syllabus: Latvian language.pdf

Jurate Derukaite, Lithuanian language

Course syllabus: Lithuanian language.pdf

B. Culture and civilization courses:
Ola Mestad, The Norwegian Constitution at 200 years

Course syllabus: Norwegian Constitution.pdf

Mestad Constitution Targoviste I 28.07.14.ppt

Mestad Constitution II rev Targoviste II 28.07.14.ppt

Mestad Constitution III rev Targoviste III 28.07.14.ppt

Mestad Constitution Targoviste IV 03.08.14.ppt

Arne Dag Sti, Norwegian business game and the current state of the Norwegian economy

Course syllabus: Norwegian business game and the current state of the Norwegian

Costel Coroban, The Vikings

Course syllabus: Vikings.pdf

Crina Leon, Henrik Ibsen – contemporary perspectives

Course syllabus: Henrik Ibsen – contemporary perspectives.pdf

Silviu Miloiu, Scandinavian and Romanian contributions to peace during the twentieth century

Course syllabus: Scandinavian and Romanian contributions to peace during the twe

Cezar Stanciu, Romania and the Scandinavian states: the security challenges during the Cold War

Course syllabus: Romania and the Scandinavian states the security challenges dur

Bogdan Schipor, Magdalena Ionescu, Challenges of diversity: The minority policies in Romania and the Nordic area from World War II to present times

Course syllabus:The minority policies in Romania and the Nordic area from World

Elena Dragomir, The Finnish culture during the twentieth century

Course syllabus: The Finnish culture.pdf

Daniela Larion, Scandinavia - Nature, Man, Economy

Course syllabus: Scandinavia - Nature, Man, Economy.pdf

Ana-Maria Despa, Norway as a tourist destination for Romanian travellers during the interwar period

Course syllabus: Norway as a tourist destination for Romanian travellers during

Kim Calonius, Mikko Lehmuskoski, Nordic Rock Music Workshop

Syllabus: Nordic rock music.pdf

Marta Norheim, Contemporary Norwegian Literature

Einar Vannebo, Organizing Summer Schools

Alexandra Anton, Metacognition

Tatiana Dragutan, Cultural Dimensions in the Baltic, Nordic and Romanian areas


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January 27, 2015

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Any potential candidate interested in our programmes and courses in foreign languages can apply for pre-enrollment on this platform in order to benefit from answers, personalized advices, and professional guidance from staff and professors in the field chosen for pre-enrollment. Therefore, if you are a graduate or you are going to graduate this year and you are interested in finding out if the educational experience we can offer answers your expectations you can save time and energy to reach the right answers by registering on the platform. We are here for you!


The Departament for Studies in Foreign Languages of Valahia University of Targoviste has been set up in 2012 with the aim of managing the study programmes in foreign languages and founding new ones aimed at answering the interest of our prospective students and the needs of the society in Romania and in Europe.The study programmes in foreign languages help our students affiming their career aspirations and the skills and competences they acquire boost their chances to successfully compete for jobs on the European common market Learn more...