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Wise Words

 The most important thing that schools can do is to make people aware that understanding the world is very much part of the requirement of being an educated person. There should be some shame attached to not being more aware of the world, not having some mastery of foreign language.

Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek

Foreign language courses

East Central Europe Region Studies:

Year I, Autumn Semester

 No.  Code Title   Credits Lecture hours a week Seminar hours a week  Syllabus
 1  MEC1BF01  An Introduction to Area Studies with a focus on East-Central Europe 6 2  An Introduction to Area Studies.pdf
 2  MEC1BS02  An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 6 2 1  An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.pdf
 3  MEC1BD03  Sustainable development in East-Central Europe 6 2 1  
 4  MEC1BF04  The methodology of research 6 1 2  Research methodology.pdf
 5  MEC1OS05  State genesis in Central and Eastern Europe (9th to 14th centuries)*  
 6  MEC1OS06  The history of writing and printing in East-Central Europe* 6 2 1  History of writing.pdf

* Optional courses

Year I, Spring Semester

 No  Code  Title   Credits  Lecture hours a week  Seminar hours a week  Syllabus
 7  MEC1BF07  The International Relations in East-Central Europe from the Vienna Congress to World War I  6  2  1  
 8  MEC1BF08  The Political History of East Central Europe from the Mid-l9th Century to the Aftermath of the Second World War  8  2  2  The Political History of East-Central Europe.pdf
 9  MEC1BD09  Geopolitics and Energy Security in East-Central Europe  8  2  2  Geopolitics and Energy Security in East-Central Europe.pdf
 10  MEC1BD10  Economic structure and reforms in the Baltic Sea Region  8  2  2  Economic Structure and Reforms in the BSR.pdf

Year II, Autumn Semester

 No  Code  Title   Credits  Lecture hours a week  Seminar hours a week  Syllabus
 11  MEC2BF11  International relations in East-Central Europe in the 20th century and beyond  8 2  International relations in ECE in the 20th.pdf
 12  MEC2BF12  Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe  8 2  Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe.pdf
 13  MEC2BD13  From Eastern Enlargement towards European integration  8 2  From Eastern Enlargement towards European Integration.pdf
 14  MEC2OS14  Communism in Romania: ideology and practices*  6  Communism in Romania Ideologies and Practices.pdf
 15  MEC2OS15  The foreign policy of Romania in the 20th century between Idealism and Realism*  6 1  Foreign Policy of Romania.pdf

* Optional courses

Year II, Spring Semester

 No  Code  Title   Credits  Lecture hours a week  Seminar hours a week  Syllabus
 16  ECE2BS16  Discourse as a form of social practice within the context of globalization  8  2  Discourse as a form of social practice.pdf
 17  ECE2BF17  National minorities in Central and Eastern Europe  6  2 2  National minorities in CEE.pdf
 18  ECE2BS18  Research practice  6  60 h in total  
 19  ECE2BS19  Dissertation thesis writing  10  60 h in total  

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January 27, 2015

The Department for Studies in Foreign Languages has opened the pre-enrollment platform at .

Any potential candidate interested in our programmes and courses in foreign languages can apply for pre-enrollment on this platform in order to benefit from answers, personalized advices, and professional guidance from staff and professors in the field chosen for pre-enrollment. Therefore, if you are a graduate or you are going to graduate this year and you are interested in finding out if the educational experience we can offer answers your expectations you can save time and energy to reach the right answers by registering on the platform. We are here for you!


The Departament for Studies in Foreign Languages of Valahia University of Targoviste has been set up in 2012 with the aim of managing the study programmes in foreign languages and founding new ones aimed at answering the interest of our prospective students and the needs of the society in Romania and in Europe.The study programmes in foreign languages help our students affiming their career aspirations and the skills and competences they acquire boost their chances to successfully compete for jobs on the European common market Learn more...