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 The most important thing that schools can do is to make people aware that understanding the world is very much part of the requirement of being an educated person. There should be some shame attached to not being more aware of the world, not having some mastery of foreign language.

Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek

Admission methodology

The admission to Master studies in the academic year 2016/2017 at Valahia University of Targoviste is subject to:
The National Education Law no. 1/2011 with its subsequent amendments;
Law no. 288/2004 with respect to the organizing of university studies with its subsequent amendments;
GD no. 404/2006 regarding the organizing of Master studies;

1. The admission to Master studies is open to graduates holding a bachelors degree diploma or equivalent organized in accordance to Law no. 288/2004 with respect to the organizing of university studies with its subsequent amendments, graduates holding a bachelors degree diploma or equivalent organized in accordance to Law no. 84/1995 republished with its subsequent amendments and the graduates of studies completed abroad recognized by the Ministry of National Educations competent body. By regulations of the Ministry of National Education, the competition is open to citizens of Romania and the other categories of candidates competing for separate competition seats and study series (citizens of the Republic of Moldova, etc), but who also have to obey the rules of this Methodology. The admission of foreign students at Valahia University follows the laws in force in Romania.
2. Citizens from the European Union member States, the States belonging to the European Economic Space and to the Swiss Confederation are also accepted under the same conditions stipulated by law for the Romanian citizens, inclusively regarding the tuition fees. The recognition of their studies abroad will be made by the Ministry of National Educations competent body before applying for admission, each candidate being required to submit as part of their application file the certificate of recognition of studies.
3. Master programs are organized as full-time education, state funded or subject to student fees.
4. A candidate may receive funding from the budget for a single master program. Candidates who have already benefited from such a facility shall declare it at the registration, they being allowed to follow Master programs only subject to tuition fees.
5. Candidates who have been expelled from a Master program are entitled to apply for a new Master program only for fee-paying places.
6. The graduates holding a bachelors degree diploma or equivalent for a similar duration of studies for the respective specialization in Romania can apply for admission to the IInd university studies cycle of masters degree so that cycle I and cycle II gather minimum 300 ECTS credits.
7. The admission to masters programs for both places subsidized from the state budget and fee-paying places is made strictly in order of the decreasing average mark obtained by the candidates within the schooling capacity of the accredited high education institutions.
8. For acknowledged study programs that are carried out in foreign languages, the receiving high education institution will organize an eliminatory foreign language test, noted with pass / fail.
The persons that come from countries where the official language is the language in which the courses are run and the persons who have an internationally acknowledged language certificate will be exempt from this test.
9. Candidates admitted on places subsidized from the state budget can be enrolled on non-paid places only on the basis of original diplomas. On the basis of certified copies of diplomas can be admitted only fee-paying students who are at the same time students of other universities. In this case, candidates are required to submit a certificate issued by the institution where the original diplomas are filed proving the quality of student and confirming that the original diploma is preserved at the respective institution.
10. The admission to the Master programs organized by the faculties of Valahia University shall conform to the criteria for admission and tiebreaker of candidates specific to each field of study.
11. For master study programs in which candidates are required to pass an examination, the minimum passing mark of each examination test is 5 (on a scale from 1 lowest to 10 highest mark).
12. The filling of places subsidized from the state budget and fee-paying places is available only for the first year of studies. According to law no. 224/11.07.2005, the places subsidized from the state budget are granted based on the accomplishing of performance criteria and standards established by the Senate of Valahia University.
13. Graduates holding a bachelors degree diploma who have gathered a number of 180 ECTS during their bachelors studies are required to enroll in Master programs with at least 120 ECTS.
14. Depending on the number of registered candidates, the Central Admission Board reserves the right to modify the schedule of 2015 entrance examination, publicly announcing this in due time.
15. For registration, the candidates are required to fill in a registration form and an affidavit in which they will provide under their signature all data required in the respective form. The registration file will additionally include the following documents:
- the baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent in original or certified copy;
- Bachelor's degree or equivalent diploma in original or certified copy;
- transcript of study records / diploma supplement in original or certified copy;
- Birth certificate copy and legally certified translation;
- ID card or passport copy;
- marriage certificate, copy and legally certified copy (if applicable);
- medical certificate (in a widespread international language) to prove that the person to be registered for studies does not suffer from infectious diseases or other illnesses that are incompatible with the future profession;
- three photos ID size (3x4 cm);
- Affidavit;
- receipt (proof) of the registration fee payment;
- envelope file.
16. The minimum number of candidates registered to hold a masters program is determined by the University Senate and shall not exceed the tuition capacity of that program approved by the Ministry of Education on the basis of The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS)s proposal. Where, due to the low number of candidates registered, the study group cannot be formed, candidates of this specialization can be redistributed to other Master programs based on their option.
17. According to Ministry of National Educations specifications and the decision of the Senate, Valahia University of Targoviste charges the candidates a fee for the organization and conduct of the entrance examination.
18. The receipt representing the payment of the registration fee shall be attached to the registration file of the candidate.
19. Are exempt from the payment of the registration fee:
- The candidates orphan of both parents who earn no revenues at the date of registering their application;
- The candidates coming from orphanages or foster care holding an attestation issued by the respective unit;
- The candidates children of teachers who earn no revenues at the date of registering their application;
- The candidates who qualify as disabled;
Exemption from the payment of the registration fee is made only on the basis of documents submitted by candidates showing employment in one of the categories listed above.
20. Benefit from 50% off the registration fee the following categories of candidates:
- The candidates who have at least a parent employed in the educational system;
- The candidates who submit during the same examination session more than one application for admission at Valahia University;
21. The candidates admitted on fee-paying places will pay a tuition fee established by the Senate of Valahia University.
22. The filling in and signing of the admission application form is tantamount to recognition by candidates that they have been informed about the provisions of this methodology and undertake to comply with its stipulations. Any subsequent complaint may relate only to these provisions or the general criteria approved by the Minister of National Education.
23. The admitted candidates who do not sign the Learning Agreement by the deadline set by the University Senate lose their admission places.
24. For each candidate submitting an application for admission, the higher education institutions will collect the data required by the Ministerial Order no. 3313 of 23 February 2012 on the general organization of admission in university studies cycles of Bachelor, Master and PhD for the academic year 2014-2015.
25. If after the completion of the admission session there will be instances of withdrawal of candidates declared as admitted on state budgeted places, the vacancies shall be filled with candidates who have fulfilled all obligations towards university in order of the decreasing average mark obtained at the admission exam.
26. The university is not liable for the accuracy of information provided by telephone. Candidates are required to personally check the results, and other admission information displayed at the notice board or posted on the Universitys website, including the period when the study contracts are to be signed.
1. This methodology is mandatory for faculty admission boards and shall be notified to candidates by displaying it at the notice board and posting it on the University and faculties websites.
2. At each faculty an admission board headed by the Dean of the Faculty and approved by the Rector of Valahia University of Targoviste will be set up. The faculty admission board is fully responsible for the conduct of the university entrance examination in accordance with this Regulation, starting with the candidates registration and ending with the posting of final results.
3. Where, after checking the files submitted by the candidates, the faculty admission board finds cases of non-compliance with the legal requirements of the admission, the faculty admission board reserves the right to reject the application and remove the candidates from the exam lists.
4. After completion of the process of establishing the final results of the entrance examination, the lists with the candidates declared admitted cannot be subject to revisions.
5. The university is liable neither for calculation errors of official documents (diplomas, transcripts, etc) nor for errors committed by candidates in the registration forms.
6. References to all aspects pertaining to the application of this admission methodology are exclusively of the competence of the Central Admission Board and the administration of Valahia University of Targoviste.
7. The admission places vacancies shall be managed at the institution of higher education level by the Senate based on a proposal submitted by the Administration Council.
8. This Regulation may be subject to changes depending on future regulations imposed by the Senate or issued by the Ministry of National Education.

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January 27, 2015

The Department for Studies in Foreign Languages has opened the pre-enrollment platform at .

Any potential candidate interested in our programmes and courses in foreign languages can apply for pre-enrollment on this platform in order to benefit from answers, personalized advices, and professional guidance from staff and professors in the field chosen for pre-enrollment. Therefore, if you are a graduate or you are going to graduate this year and you are interested in finding out if the educational experience we can offer answers your expectations you can save time and energy to reach the right answers by registering on the platform. We are here for you!


The Departament for Studies in Foreign Languages of Valahia University of Targoviste has been set up in 2012 with the aim of managing the study programmes in foreign languages and founding new ones aimed at answering the interest of our prospective students and the needs of the society in Romania and in Europe.The study programmes in foreign languages help our students affiming their career aspirations and the skills and competences they acquire boost their chances to successfully compete for jobs on the European common market Learn more...